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Valentina Díaz is a 25-year-old beautiful woman, gentle and innocent. She lived and studied all her life in the small town of “Las Salinas”, at the border of the island Matamoros. A woman who she called Yaya raised her. Valentina loves and idolizes her mother although for her mother Valentina and her brother Pacquito have  always been obstacles. To make money she dedicates herself to illegal boxing at the side of Fernando Valerugo. In her adolescence she fell in love with Felipe Valerugo, stepson of the reach Fernando Valerugo. Valentina has never felt a love so big and intense as what she feels for Felipe. She holds on to the hope of returning to him, and to the hope of the possibility that he is still in love with her.

Luis Miguel Ariza is a 33-year-old man, raised by a brother of his father, who was taking care of him since he was a little boy. His uncle gave him the affection of the family who he never had. His origin was always surrounded by a mystery that his uncle and tutor never explained, taking the truth of Luis Miguel’s birth to the grave. Nevertheless, the affection of his uncle gave him the strength of character and the nobility that formed his personality since he was a little boy. He is an active, sincere and fdirect. He acts naturally in any situation, showing clearly his knowledge and honesty. He also plays squash and practices some other sports in his free time.

Luis Miguel graduated with honours as Administrator at the prestige institution abroad. When he return to the country he got married with Magdalena Rios, with whom he had a daughter Mariangel. Magdalena disappeared under strange circumstances and they declared her dead although they never found her body. Since this tragedy Mariangel, that by then was five years old, suffers a trauma that no doctor has been able to treat successfully. Magdalena never was an example of mother and wife and after his relation with her, Luis Miguel hardened his heart and he stopped believing in love, but he truly loves his daughter who is the sentimental centre of his life.

Luis Miguel begins to work in the Fontana Company and his capacity and professionalism calls the attention of Don Danilo Fontana, who is giving him more and more responsible tasks. Finally he gets the important position in just a short time. Danilo treats him like a son that he never had and more than a professional bond, finishes being a relation of paternal affection. Luis Miguel meets Helena, the older daughter of Danilo, a weak woman, physically, with a heart disease and few years older than he is. He falls in love sincerely with her. In spite of the age difference, they decided to get married.

A few days before the wedding, Luis Miguel  celebrates his last days as a single man. During the trip he meets Grazzia, with whom he has an affair, believing  that it is only a frivolous act without importance. It doesn't take him long to discover that Grazzia is the sister of his fiancée.

Manipulating the situation and appearances, Grazzia arranges things so that Helena finds her with Luis Miguel making love in her own bedroom. The impression that Helena gets and the pain she feels, are too strong for her weak heart and she dies. Luis Miguel feels responsible and he will carry this burden in silence. His later attempt to move away of Grazzia and the house Fontana is frustrated when the envious sister of Helena lies to him, saying that she is expecting his child.

Then he meets Valentina, without knowing that, in fact, she is Helena, whose soul has transmitted to the girl’s body, at the same moment of Helena’s death. Obviously Luis Miguel doesn’t know that the intention of Helena in the body of Valentina is to take revenge of him and of Grazzia. Without realising he is fallen in love with Valentina from the same moment she enters Fontana house to work as Mariangel’s governess. Mariangel seems to find the same peace with just arrived girl as she did with Helena. Days are passing and Luis Miguel feels more and more attracted to the strange woman who disappears by the night, without giving some convincing explanation.

Grazzia, on the other hand, is afraid to lose him when she discovers that she is not pregnant. She feigns an accident, apparently caused by Valentina, in which she loses her supposed child. Finally, thanks to Grazzia’s intrigues, Luis Miguel discovers that Valentina has double life, in which Felipe Valerugo, who is in love with the girl, takes part. He becomes jealous and throws her out of the house. Luis Miguel feels betrayed by the members of the Valerugo family, enemies of the family Fontana and his also, after the mysterious incident in which the mother of his daughter disappeared, which caused the girl’s trauma.

As of this moment, a hard struggle goes inside Luis Miguel, deeply in love with the woman who managed to break the hardness of his heart, without knowing that she is Helena, also in love with him, after she discovered that she was victim of manipulations of her sister Grazzia.

The rivalry with Felipe because of Valentina is going to untie to dramatic actions that drag both men to confrontations for her and for antagonistic positions that are product of the fight between the two families. The events go vertiginously towards the end of history when Luis Miguel finally finds out what happened to Helena and about her renaissance in the body of another woman who is not other than his own daughter.

An unexpected fact will complicate the end of story, when is discovered that Felipe and Luis Miguel have the same father, a mysterious man who will enter into their lives to reveal past events, which that will unite both brothers towards an unexpected happy end.

Original Story:
Humberto Kico Olivieri

Humberto Kico Olivieri,Luis Colmenares,
Gabriela Domìnguez, Carolina Dìaz

David Posada, Tony Rodrígues, Rodrigo Triana

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