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In a small Mexican town, near the US border, the 14-year-old girl, Guadalupe Santos, is drugged and raped by Ernesto Riobueno. When she wakes up, Guadalupe finds Ernesto’s dead body lying besides her and a gun in her hand. Without knowing what really happened, she runs away from that place and hours later, after a real "hunt" is triggered, she is captured and placed in a correctional institution for minors, accused of murder. There she gives birth to a girl, whom she names as Libertad.

During the escape, Guadalupe splits from the rest of the runaways and manages to cross the border to the US. There she meets Daniel Moncada who helps her escape until she is safe. They are forced to travel together sorting all kinds of dangers, and at the same time, they are involved in adverse, dramatic and funny situations. Love is born between them while ignoring that destiny has played with them by joining their lives, for Daniel is in fact Ernesto’s brother, the man whose death was blamed on Guadalupe. But she accepts her down to earth reality and runs away from the man she loves, convincing herself that the only real motivation of her life should be to reencounter with her daughter Libertad.


It is then when by fate, Guadalupe arrives at the Salvatierra ranch and discovers her sister has stolen her girl and has had her registered as her own daughter in order to fill up the void in her marriage with Pancho Salvatierra, a prosperous rancher whom she has deceived by telling him that Libertad is his daughter.

After the shock of discovering the truth, Guadalupe has to maintain her silence in front of everyone and accepts to work as a maid in Pancho’s house where, little by little, earns Libertad’s affection. It is there where she meets Daniel once again and later on, they get married. This is the time when she discovers everything. Daniel, the man whom she is married to, is precisely Ernesto’s brother… Ernesto, for whose death, Guadalupe has spent half of her life as a prisoner.

When she finds out her daughter is in love with Daniel, Guadalupe knows she must face Libertad’s hatred, for the girl does not forgive her for having taken away the man she
had fallen platonically in love with...

Humberto Kico Olivieri, Luis Colmenares,
Carolina Dìaz, Isamar Hernández

Leonardo Aranguibel, Luis Barrios, Nicolás Di Blasi

General Producer
José Vicente Scheuren

Executive Producer
Aurelio Valcárcel Carrol

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