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Virginia Martínez is a beautiful, honorable woman, who works as a governess in the home of Rodrigo Junquera. Rodrigo’s children are Junior, Carlos Alberto, Raquel, Violeta, Aldo and Memo. Carlos Alberto seduces Virginia with no intention of getting serious with her. She, however, falls truly in love with him. Rodrigo Junquera has squandered his fortune, and now realises that he is ill with a fatal disease. He knows his children will need someone when he is gone and, thinking of Virginia’s human qualities asks her to marry him. Sagrario, the housekeeper, shares a big secret with Rodrigo: She has dedicated all her life to this family, and gives Rodrigo’s decision her full support.

Alirio Roldán, Rodrigo’s old partner, is insanely jealous of him, and hates the Junquera family. Alirio’s wife Maximiliana, who would not hesitate to sacrifice her own children to her enormous ambition, keeps this hatred alive. Alirio is opposed to the engagement of his daughter Anabella to Carlos Alberto, but the girl is willful and capricious, and refuses to break up with him. Danilo Roldán, Maximiliana and Alirio’s older son, is a shameless flatterer, and a master in the art of deceit. When he meets Virginia, he immediately desires her.

When Rodrigo’s children learn of their father’s death, they despise Virginia, now their stepmother, even more. Virginia feels bound by the promise she made to Rodrigo before his death and tries to help each one of them to solve their problems, even though they have become her worst enemies. Junior, the eldest, is a lying opportunist who has got involved in shady business. He thinks that Virginia is trying to steal the little money that his father left them. Carlos Alberto is torn between hatred and love for Virginia. Raquel is a frivolous young woman, and the one who resents Virginia the most, and Violeta is a psychologically disturbed young girl. Aldo is a confused teenager, and little Memo is the youngest, and the one to whom Virginia devotes mot of her attention.

Junior is a womaniser, and he seduces Lupita, the housemaid. Sagrario tries to offer him advice, but Junior has always been arrogant and rude to her, thinking that servants are inferior to him. 

Virginia feels hurt when she learns that Carlos Alberto is going to marry Anabella, so she agrees to go out with Danilo Roldán. Carlos Alberto realises that Virginia is the true love of his life, and he decides to fight for her, but he finds himself in a difficult position because of Anabella’s intrigue. Sagrario tells Virginia that she cannot give up on Carlos Alberto’s love, because only with him she will be able to find true happiness.

Original Story:
Inés Rodena

Carlos Romero

Beatríz Sheridan, Gaston Tuset, Marta Luna,
Eduardo Said, Patricia Reyes Spíndola

Executive Producer:
Ignacio Sada Madero

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