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Gabriela Spanic as Cielo Montalvo DuránSaúl Lisazo as Marco Durán

Residents of the small town San Carlos had a peaceful life before the arrival of the mysterious millionaire Marco Durán. His arrival will wake up hidden passions and buried secrets. María del Cielo Montalvo is a proud and resolute young woman, who lives with her grandmother Paz, her father Nicolás and sister Brisa, whom she has raised from childhood following their mother's death. She is engaged to the town's doctor Sergio Zambrano. Immediately after his arrival, Marco is attracted to Cielo, and promptly forgets his mistress, Miranda, who is waiting at home. He is convinced that Cielo is the woman of whom he has always dreamed, but as far as Cielo is concerned, Marco is an intruder who has disturbed the calm life of San Carlos and poisoned it with his money. Marco's arrival also upsets another San Carlos resident, Raquel, a woman that he had a relationship with in the past that resulted in the birth of her daughter Abigail.

Marco organises a party for Cielo. Everyone comes except Montalvos, Luciano Higueras and Raquel. Brisa and Abigail are forbidden to attend, but sneak out anyway. Montalvos finds out that Brisa is gone. Cielo asks Sergio to take Brisa home. Brisa, who has had her eye on her sister's fiancée for long time takes advantage of the time with Sergio and spends a few passionate moments with him. Conscience-stricken, Sergio confesses to Cielo that he cheated on her with another woman. Brisa who cannot forget that night explains to Cielo that she has been in love with Sergio for long time and confesses that she was with Sergio. Though Sergio hopes that Cielo will not leave him, she cancels the wedding immediately, whereupon Sergio decides to leave San Carlos. As a result, Brisa becomes very depressed. Sergio’s mother Adelaida receives the news about the cancellation of the wedding, and is quite upset as well.

Marco returns home and Miranda makes every effort to convince him to marry her. Because Marco is refusing to marry her, Miranda lies to him that she's expecting his child. However, Marco sets a trap and discovers the deceit. 

Cielo is anxious about her sister's health because Brisa has fallen into a serious depression. The doctor recommends her some pills and the same day Brisa takes too many pills because she thinks she cannot live without Sergio. Grandmother Paz intervenes and saves the girl’s life. The suicide attempt is kept a secret. Brisa announces to her friends that she will try again. When Cielo overhears this, she decides to help Brisa. She approaches Sergio with a surprising request - that he marries Brisa. Sergio agrees to marry Brisa because he wants Cielo to see how much he loves her. Brisa, unaware of her sister’s sacrifice, is overjoyed when Sergio proposes. Sergio tells his mother that he is cheated on Cielo with Brisa, and now he is going to marry her.

Marco, thinking that he has lost any chance of having Cielo, decides to marry Miranda. But first he wants to see Cielo walk down the aisle. So, he goes to San Carlos where he finds out that it is Brisa that is getting married, not Cielo. He rushes back to break the engagement with Miranda and then returns to San Carlos. Once there, he resumes his pursuit of Cielo who does her best to avoid him. Grandmother Paz invites Marco to dinner because she thinks that he is the right man for Cielo, but Cielo's opinion of him does not change.

Adelaida warns Cielo that she will eventually be the ruin of Brisa’s marriage. Therefore, Cielo gives the impression that she and Marco are a couple, hoping that Sergio will see this and forget her. Marco is enchanted with this game, and tries in vain to make the relationship real. Meanwhile, Sergio is very jealous of this "relationship". Miranda, in the meantime, finds out where is Marco, and with sister Sonia sets out for San Carlos.

Brisa discloses everything to Marco who now finally understands why Cielo is so sad and distrustful. Miranda encounters Marco who informs her that their relationship is over, that he has fallen in love with someone else. Miranda ignores the fact that Marco is in love with another woman and resolves to get Marco back.

Marco sends Cielo a wonderful gift and she finally accepts his invitation to dinner. In the restaurant, they bump into drunken Sergio who begins to scream that Cielo is Marco's mistress. The following day the whole town of San Carlos is talking. Marco asks Cielo to marry him to stop the gossip, but she turns him down. When Sergio begins to threaten that he will divorce Brisa, Cielo finally accepts Marco's proposal…

Original Story:
Caridad Bravo Adams

Gabriela Ortigoza

Luis Eduardo Reyes, Lili Garza

Executive Producer:
Angelli Nesma Medina

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